15 Most Unusual Gifts For Your Best Friend’s Birthday

Looking for an unusual birthday gift for your friend? Here is a list of unique gifts for your loved ones based on their personality type.

1. Polar Bear Ice Cubes

The best gift idea for someone who cares for this planet, animal-lovers & family friends with kids!


2. Squirming Tentacles (For The Geeks)

Powered via USB port, this plug-in gift keeps on squiggling. Mind you, there is no memory on it!


3. The Invisible Book Shelf

A perfect gift for book lovers, interior designers, graphic designers & everyone who likes being organized!


4. The Math-Geek Clock

One of the coolest gift ever for the number-lovers!


5. Pencil Earphones

For the music loving geeks!


6. Piano Door Bell

There ain’t a better way to recognize who’s at your door, by the tunes played on your door bell!


7. Remote Controlled Mop

Gift it to a lazy housekeeper or to your friends who’re addicted to games & robots!


8. The iPhone Amplifier

For that snobbish fella in your network, a gold plated amplifier to match his/her standards!

iphone-amplifier gifts for geeks

9. Black Cat Ear Rings

For the woman loves to purrrr!


10. Glowing Key Rings

A gentleman’s favorite gift!


11. Glo Nightlight Glowing Balls Lamp

A versatile gift that suits geeks, ladies, children, family friends & office colleagues. They’ll remember you every night!


12. Sign Language Clock


13. Glow Light Show – Fountain Speakers

The Ultimate gift for a music lover, Geek and anyone creative / stylish.


14. Tetris Stackable LED Lamp

Nothing beats this one for an avid gamer!


15.  Hidden Wall Safe

For the woman who likes to hide everything nice & precious!


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