15 Most Powerful Marriage Affirmations For A Sparkling Love Life


Our happiness, success and satisfaction in life depends upon the relationship we have with our partner. A loving bond between you and your wife/husband is of utmost importance to ensure that your marriage lasts forever.

Below are 15 Most Powerful Marriage Affirmations For A Happy & Loving Family:

  1. Divine power protects my marriage. My partner and I are loved and are safe.

  2. I demonstrate my love for my spouse every day.

  3. I greatly admire and respect my partner for all that they are.

  4. I listen to my partner with compassion and genuine interest.

  5. I spend quality time with those I love.

  6. I unconditionally love and respect my spouse.

  7. My husband adores me and I adore him.

  8. My spouse is a remarkable human being.

  9. I have a perfect relationship with my spouse.

  10. I love, respect, and deeply appreciate my partner in life.

  11. My partner and I make a great team.

  12. My partner and I are perfectly suited to each other.

  13. My partner is the love of my life.

  14. My soul mate and I spend many quality hours together.

  15. We’re made for each other.


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