15 Most Powerful Confidence Affirmations

Build Confidence, self confidence affirmations

Improving Self Confidence helps you overcome timidity and fear of failure.  Studies of Human Behavior reveal that, the more self confidence you have, the more likely you are to succeed.

Below are the 15 Most Powerful Self Confidence building affirmations, that will transform your dull life and fill your day with positive energy, vibrancy and a zest to achieve your goals.

  1. I release all hesitation and move forward with confidence.

  2. I willingly let go of all doubt in my ability to attain my goals.

  3. My confidence grows daily.

  4. I feel relaxed and confident when taking on new challenges.

  5. I easily handle any task that arises.

  6. I easily stand up for my rights.

  7. I love change and easily adjust myself to new situations.

  8. I confidently say ‘NO’ whenever the need arises.

  9. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

  10. I am totally at ease with myself and with others.

  11. I am confident that everything will turn out perfectly.

  12. Every day I am become more and more self-assured.

  13. I always see only the good in others. I attract only positive people.

  14. I am self-reliant, creative and persistent in whatever I do.

  15.  I love challenges. They bring out the best in me.

Repeat them over and over and you’ll notice a positive change within a month!


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