15 Most Installed Free Android Games that are extremely addictive

From smartphones to high-end tablets, Google’s android now dominates the gadget world. The best part of these devices is their flexibility to give us entertainment & rejoice at a single touch! Let’s take a look at the most downloaded android games from the Google- Play Store (Jan 2013 to Sept 2013):

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  1. Samuel says:

    I second Temple Run. Its one of my extremes!

  2. Madison M says:

    aah nice list. Still haven’t tried all fo these – gonna get rid of some apps first

  3. Jayden Adams says:

    Subway Surfers is the most addictive so far. Love the 3D look and the way it runs on my Nexus.

  4. Anthony Dsouza says:

    One epic night?? Seriously.. That’s kinda weird

  5. Ava Holland says:

    Cool games :)

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