15 Most Encouraging Healthy Eating Affirmations

Healthy Eating AffirmationsOptimistic affirmations for health have only positive effects on the body. With the power of these healthy eating affirmations, you will be in control of your eating habits and able to achieve your weight loss goals at ease. If you notice, none of these affirmations talk about a strict diet. They mainly focus at encouraging your mind to eat nutritious food that will heal your body and help you get “fit” from “fat”.

Here we go with the 15 Most Encouraging Healthy Eating Affirmations to help you stay Fit:

  1. I enjoy eating balanced, nutritious meals.

  2. I eat my food slowly, chewing each bite thoroughly and savouring it’s wonderful flavour.

  3. I love eating salads.

  4. I love my body and treat it with total respect.

  5. I find it very easy to maintain my ideal weight.

  6. I resist all temptations to eat unhealthy, junk foods.

  7. I take good care of my body by eating correctly.

  8. Water is my favorite beverage!

  9. I only eat foods that energize my body and mind.

  10. I only eat foods that are barcode-free!

  11. I enjoy the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  12. I easily let go of unhealthy food cravings.

  13. I buy more raw foods and leave the packaged foodstuffs at the store.

  14. Feelings of confidence and comfort come from my thoughts, not from food.

  15. Controlling my appetite is easy for me now.

Off course no one can change their habits overnight! The food we eat is like the oil we use in an engine. Just by changing the oil, your engine wont work smoothly the next day! Likewise all affirmations need to be practiced & repeated daily until you see results. You’ll gradually start to notice your thinking changes and as a result your health improves.

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