15 Amazing Facts About The Human Brain


The human brain is one of the most vital part of our body. Over the years, scientists have discovered a lot about the Brain, its behaviour & much more.

Here are 15 Most Amazing Facts You Would love to know about the human brain:

1. The memory capacity of the human brain is around 2.5 petabytes(1 million gigabytes) Large enough to store everything you experience. #Facts

2. Being able to instantly utilize sarcasm within seconds of a stupid question is a sign of a healthy brain.

3. The first person you think of in the morning or last person you think of in the night is either the cause of your happiness or your pain.

4. Psychologically: Not being able 2 find your cell phone triggers a panic in the brain similar to a near death experience.

5. Your brain has 100,000 miles’ worth of blood vessels. That’s enough to circle Earth 4 times!

6. Daydreaming is actually our brain’s way of getting us to creatively focus on what it is we really want.

7. The weight and size of a brain has nothing to do with intellectual ability. Albert Einstein’s brain actually weighed less than the average weight of a human brain!

8. Humans have approximately 70,000 thoughts each day! Looks like we really ARE thinking too much.

9. If you think laughing at a joke is a simple enough action, do know that it requires activity in 5 different areas of our brain!

10. Every time we remember a memory or have a new thought, our brain creates a new connection in itself!

11. Did you know that while you are awake, your brain generates enough energy to power a light bulb? We think that brings a whole new meaning to the term “light bulb moment”!

12. The brain is the fattest organ in the human body, as it contains more than 60% fat! Who would’ve guessed?!

13. The brain contains no pain receptors, therefore it cannot feel pain! This is the reason why brain surgery is able to be performed on the patient while they are still awake

14. Being called ” Baby ” has a positive effect on the female brain, causing instant emotional stress relief.

15. Information travels to and is processed by the brain at speeds up to 268 mph. Speeds may vary because of the different shapes of neurons within the body.

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