15 Most Addicting Games in HTML5

There was a time when online games were only made in Flash! And yes, how can we forget those irritating bugs and browser crash messages due to flash version or plugin conflict. The flash era is over! HTML5 has completely replaced flash even in Games. Don’t believe it? Checkout the games below, make sure you try each one!

Presenting the 15 Most Addicting Games (made in HTML5):

Infinite Marios in HTML5 (The New Super Mario Game in HTML5)

Let’s begin with The Super Mario game we used to play in childhood. Guess what… you can play that online, in your web browser!! Enjoy the mushrooms and save the princess.


Save the Day

A simple action game in which you need to rescue survivors with your helicopter on time. It is created using Turbulenz – an HTML5 game platform that offers the ability to build, publish, iterate and monetise HTML5 games, with support for Social APIs, WebGL and real-time physics.

save-the-day html5 game helicopter

Grav Suit

Wanna be an astronaut? Well, take a test drive :D It’s not easy to be a maintenance worker in the space. What if you get trapped in a maze of mysterious debris? There is no gravity and you might just meet an alien! Fear not, fo you hae your Grav Suit to put on and win before you see “Game Over”.


Magician Rescue Fairy

Life is but a Fairy Tale… Well, atleast when its online! Rescue all the pretty fairies trapped in the bubbles by shooting at them. Guess what, you’ll lose if you keep just one! :D


Front Invaders

Oh My God! Remember the Mousquito Hunt like Video Game we used to play in school? This is a “developer-version” for those who just cant fix CSS bugs on Internet Explorer. Shoot down the IEvil with your HTML5 jet!


HexGl Beta

Love that rat race… oops.. I mean, Car Race? Well, get an upgrade! Race on a jet :) HexGL is a futuristic, fast-paced racing game by Thibaut Despoulain using HTML5, Javascript, WebGL. It is a tribute to the original Wipeout and F-Zero series.


Agent 008 Ball

For those who love to hit with a stick & play with the balls… errr.. I mean pool balls! Agent 008 Ball is a cool HTML5 pool game built using kbuild. You should sink as many balls as possible before time runs out.


BioLab Disaster

This is inspired by Super Mario. Good for those who like science theme! A 2D side scroller game built with HTML5 and JavaScript.

biolab HTML5 Game


Lux Ahoy is an Earth-style, turn-based combat game. You need to hit your opponent with a cannon ball. All the graphics were created in Flash and ported to HTML5 with Zoe, part of CreateJS, a suite of JavaScript libraries and tools for building rich, interactive apps with HTML5.

html5 games


The classic, ultra-famous, addicting Bejeweled in HTML 5. It has two modes – Classic Mode that is based on pairing the gems / moves and Speed Mode – that has a time limit.

play bejeweled online

HTML5 Helicopter

Yet another Helicopter game that will remind you of your good-old kiddo days. The screen goes from the right to left, your job is to avoid crashing into the walls / obstacles for as long as possible.



Want to hone-up your aiming skills? Try out this addictive HTML5 game where you put the ball into the cup using the support of the blocks given.

games in html5-ClickPong


If you want to fight like the army, BananaBread is for you! A 3D first person shooter game on the web. It takes the Cube 2: Sauerbraten engine, which is written in C++ and OpenGL, and compiles it using Emscripten into JavaScript and WebGL so that it can run in modern browsers using standards-based web APIs and without any plugins.

html5-bananabread action game

Pirates Love Daisies

Yeah, the name sounds funny but seriously, some pirates do love “daisies”! A nice-oh tower defense game developed in HTML5 and JavaScript.

html5-pirates game

Browser Quest

Last, but not the least, an RPG Game for Mozilla Lovers! Browser Quest is a classic, multi-player RPG game with awesome pixel art graphics made by Little Workshop and Mozilla. It’s all about exploration: help your young warrior, driven by the thrill of adventure, visit most dangerous places in Browser Quest’s world for the best rewards. It works on HTML5′s features – a tile-based graphics engine that renders on Canvas, web workers for map initialization without slowing down the UI, local Storage and HTML5 audio features for sound effects.


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