15 Jaw-Dropping Photos Taken At Glacier National Park

Located in the U.S. state of Montana, on the Canada–United States border with the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, the Glacier National Park is one of the top tourist destinations across the country! The park covers over a 1,000,000 acres (4,000 km2) of land & 130 named lakes. The Glacier National Park hosts more than 1,000 different species of plants and hundreds of species of animals- which has been referred to as the “Crown of the Continent Ecosystem”! Glacier National Park is dominated by mountains which were carved into their present shapes by the huge glaciers of the last ice age; these glaciers have largely disappeared over the last 12,000 years.

Let’s take a look at 15 Spectacular Photos taken at Glacier National Park:

1. East Glacier Dawn in Many Glacier National Park Montana

East Glacier Dawn in Many Glacier National Park Montana

2. Grinnell Peak, Glacier National Park, Swiftcurrent Lake

Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark III by Hassy Chick Kalai

3. Don’t Fall In!

Iconic Triple Falls in Logan Pass section of Glacier National Park by Y Lau
triple fall logan pass glacier national park

4. Black bear eating berries in Glacier National Park

Taken by Christine Haines

5. Bull Moose

Taken on Nikon D300S by kurt

6. Glenns Lake by Jeffrey Pang

View from the Glenns Lake Head campground. Glacier National Park, September 2013.
Glenns Lake

7. Swiftcurrent Lake by Anthony Sekellick

Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark III

8. Glacier – Avalanche Creek Bend

Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark III by Jeff Krause
Avalanche Creek Bend - glacier national park

9. Sunrise at Water stairs in Glacier National Park

Taken with Canon 5D Mark III by Chung Hu
Sunrise at Water stairs  - glacier national park

10. Cool Goats

Mountain Goats gather on patch of snow to cool off from the hot summer sun By 818PathFinder (Jamesa1)
Cool-Goats - glacier national park

11. Looking for a Den by Ian Cocks

Taken on Canon EOS 5D Mark II

12. Many Glacier Sunrise 9896 – Explored

Photography: Chuck Hilliard (Nikon D7000)

13. Winter Peace (Lake McDonald) by Fred Frank

Taken with Nikon D300

14. Bearhat Mountain and Hidden Lakes

Taken by John and Jean Strother
Bearhat Mountain

15. Big horn sheep by Jeffrey Pang

Taken on Canon EOS 7D
sheep-big-horns glacier national park

Note: All Photos are a copyright of respective owners! Please click on a photo to view them on flickr. If you have travel photos on flickr, share your link in the comments or get in touch with us to showcase your photography. So, what are you waiting for? Get clicking shutterbug!!

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