Infographic: 15 Essential Facilities to check in a Paying Guest Accomodation

Finding a great accommodation is quite a daunting task we agree! Every home has its own plus and minus points. Every real estate agent or landlord would like to lure their would-be-tenant by talking about the goody-goody things that they’ve got to offer you in a paying guest arrangement.

While we know the first thing you want to be sure is a good room-mate, let’s keep that aside as a matter of luck or chance! A room mate is something that you can get changed later as well… or simply find a replacement if its worth it! However, there are essential facilities that you need to check BEFORE you find an accommodation.

Make sure you take a look at the vicinity even during odd hours (after sunset) to ensure the security of the place. If your office is far away, you need to also ensure nearest available transportation facilities. While each landlord will offer you various services such as WiFi, Microwave, Maid Services etc., make sure you don’t get pinched in the pocked with these “add-ons” at extra cost. Bargain well! Make a smarter deal.

Here is a list of 15 Quintessential Facilities you need to check as you visit your next would-be home for the very first time:



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