15 Deadly Animal Attack Videos on YouTube

Wildlife has long been a common subject for educational television channels, lifestyle and kids channels as well. The most popular ones are indeed Discovery Channel, national geographic & animal planet. While these channels continue to telecast their shows, in today’s social world, you can also watch selected clips online on their YouTube Channels. Google itself serves you 352,000,000 results if you search for “animal videos on YouTube”.

While the list is endless, here are some ferocious animal fight & lion-attack videos on YouTube:

1. World’s Deadliest : Croc Attack!

2. Hippo Vs Crocodile at the water hole Killing Frenzy

3. Lion Intimidates Crocodile

4. Falcon Attacks Dog!!!

5. Killer Catfish attacks Pigeons on Land

6. Cobra vs. Mongoose

7. Octopus Kills Shark

8. Zebra Drowning a Lion

9. Hippo chews off lions head. Hippo owns lion pride!

10. Lion V/s Cheetah – Male lion kills 2 cheetahs

11. Lion v/s Giraffe

12. Lion Pride v/s Buffalo Herd

Buffaloes rescue and then kill one of their own!

13. Three Elephants kill a Lion

14. Lion chase Crocodile off its Hippo kill

15. Animal Face-Off: Elephant vs. Rhino

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