15 Back To School Pinterest Boards Every Mom Must Know

Yes, after a lovely vacation, its time to go back to school. And that is the crucial shopping time for all you mommies. Fret not, coz we’ve got you the 15 Most Helpful Back To School Boards on Pinterest that every mom should follow:

1. Reading Ideas by Mr Huges:

A board worth more than just a follow! Covers superb books to read for your child and some interesting scoop themed around learning & child’s mental development.

Pinterest Board: http://www.pinterest.com/mrjhughes/reading-ideas/


2. Back To School by Michelle DuPuis

Back to school, graduation, and teacher appreciation gifts and goodies.

Pinterest Board: http://www.pinterest.com/mdupuis5/back-to-school/


3. Back To School & Teacher Gifts from Glorious Treats

Yet another collection of all things sweet and pretty! This board covers a variety of aspects from schooling, kids food ideas, craft and art, teacher gifts, printables, freebies and more! And if you’re still starved for a bigger dose, simply visit GloriousTreats.com

Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/glorioustreats/back-to-school-and-teacher-gifts/


4. Back To School Tips – Open Pinning Board

A constructive pinterest board where members are invited to pin any back to school tips, activities, content that adds real good value.

Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/pschooltoolbox/back-to-school-tips/


5. School Lunch by Catherine McCord

Curated by a Mother, wife, friend, daughter, foodie, weelicious lover! As the name suggests, this board will show you how to tempt your child to finish their lunch box.

Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/weelicious/school-lunch/


6. Lunchables by Karen Holland

The magic want to convert those boring lunch boxes into eye-popping delicacies! Do we need to say more, or will you just click the Pinterest Board NOW.

Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/kbh1008/lunchables/


7. Back To School Lunches by Kraft Cheese

If you’re looking for innovative sandwich ideas, this one is for you! This one is a blessing from Kraft Cheese :D

Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/kraftcheese/back-to-school-lunches/


8. School Supplies by Mfreds

Here’s a special one for all your Moms, from a marketing student & a blogger. A collection of beautiful colored pencils, holders, Eco-highlighters, crayons, notebooks, creative scissors, adhesive notes and much more. One stop destination for Ideas on School Supplies!

Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/feyizaguirre/school-supplies/


9. Children’s Books by Gabrielle Blair

Gabrielle, a designer and mother of six, currently living in the French countryside shares a wonderful “Book Of The Week” on her pinterest board.

Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/designmom/children-s-books/


10. Back-To-School Fashion by Alissa Spiehs-Apel

Apel – Who is a Mother, an Artist, a Blogger & a College Art Instructor helps you keep an eye on those Back to School Fashion, Products and Trends!
Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/alissa4illust/back-to-school-fashion/


11. Art Hints, How-to’s by Donna Staten

A Teacher from Austin, Texas shares amazing stuff on art related how-to’s just to boost your child’s creativity! We must say, she has set an example of how teacher’s are effectively using the power of pinterest in the best interest!
Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/artgirl90/art-hints-how-to-s/


12. Science by Jennifer Findley

Is your child the curious Einstein? Well then, allow the little one to pin-it-down with Science :)

Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/jrfindl/science/


13. Bento & brown bag lunches

Robin Sharp, toronto food photographer & eater shares some out of the box lunch ideas with food photography!

Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/sharp_photo/bento-brown-bag-lunches/


14. Back To School Checklist by Shannon Russ

Great resources for everything back to school!

Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/spinsugar/back-to-school-checklist/


15. Back To School by Kodak (Official)

Photo ideas, DIY projects & inspiration from Kodak :)

Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/kodakcb/back-to-school/


Have more interesting boards to share? Do share with us in comments below or on twitter @15most.

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