15 Amazing, Yet Easy Science Experiments With Glow Effect

These unique science projects for kids are sure going to make your little one be proud as Einstein!

We’ve got the 15 Most Easy Science Experiments – from Glowing water to recycled Eco-friendly lamps, fairy glow jars, DIY Lava Lamps and Glowing Headboards!

1. Make Glowing Water

2. DIY: Fairy Glow Jars

3. DIY glow in the dark nail polish

4. Recycled LED Bottle lamps (DIY)

5. DIY Lava Lamp

6. Colored Glowing Bubbles

7. Homemade lava lamp that lights up

8. Make Your Own GLOWING Nuka Cola Quantum!

Labels: http://whatpayne.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d1rgvf9.  (Safe and Drinkable!)

9. Easy Kids Science Experiment >> Glowing Water

10. Glowing Jello

11. Make Glowing Water Video – About.com

12. DIY Glow in the Dark Body-paint

13. DIY Gairy Glow Necklace

14. Painted Glow Rocks

15. DIY: Glowing Headboard

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